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Montpelier Villa u14s are delighted to be supporting the progress of Saul Evison, who has been identified by the FA’s Talent ID team as a future potential England Disability player.

Saul, who is 13 and has Cerebral Palsy, signed for the team last season, and during that time has already progressed onto the FA’s Regional Talent Programme.

Villa U14s Head Coach Chris Day, who also work for the FA’s England set up within Talent ID said “Saul has hugely impressed us with his attitude and work rate - the key to his development has been picking the right games for him, and Cerebral Palsy football is only played 7v7, also players can fatigue quite quickly, but Sauls sheer determination and grit have helped him overcome this, and it’s such a great feeling to watch his rapid development. Saul is one of 2 players we have in the u14s from the FA’s Disability Talent Pathway, and it’s a huge part of our ethos that all players are given the opportunity to develop to be their best. In Saul’s case that may be well be him becoming a Senior player for the FA’s England Cerebral Palsy team, competing in European and World Cups.”

“Having the opportunity to play for Montpelier Villa has given Saul the challenge both physically and mentally towards his improved development. Saul progression has come on leaps and bounds by combining both grassroots football with disability football to work along side each other. He is well supported in his football by people that understand his needs and are also able to challenge his ability to get the best from him.”

Jenny, Saul’s mum

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